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  • Three Fountains in Pilsen, Republic Square
    Grand Prix in Architecture 2011

    Ondřej Císler

    Team: David Blahout, Jakub Vlček, Juraj Smoleň, Ondřej Dušek, Pavel Hošek, Michal Blažek

    Project: 2004 (first place winner of competition)

    Completion: 2010

    General Contractor: Swietelsky Stavební Ltd., subdivision Dopravní Stavby Západ, Plzeň

    Bronze: Aleš Svojtka, Stará Huť s.r.o.

    Technology: KTS AME Hradec Králové

    Stone: Pražský kámen s.r.o.

    Investor: City of Plzeň, Costs: ca. 21,5 mil. CZK

    Height: ca. 4,5 m, Material: gilded bronze, black granite, patinated bronze .

    Fountains develop the monumental spatial concept of the Square, which was established in the Middle Ages. They complete the scale of proportion and material canon that was first used on the 1681 Plague Column in one of the four corners. Names of the three fountains are freely inspired by the Coat of Arms of the city. The concept defines architecture of the sculptural spouts as Spatial Signs, reviving the original concept of “wasserkasten”, big bowls accumulating water for public usage. Poems by Petr Borkovec are prepared to be inscribed on the surface of the fountains.